Ave Maria in Spanish

August 6, 2010

Just sang Shubert’s Ave Maria’ in Spanish for the upcoming Robert Rodriguez movie ‘Machete’.  It is to be released in September 2010.


  1. hi who sings the ave maria in machete please or how can i listen to it please help that is the best song i have heard in ages and the person who ever remade it was the best

    • The singer for “Ave Maria” in Machete is Ryland Angel and the arrangement is by Rick Del Castillo. It was not performed by ‘Chingon’ as it says in the credits of the movie.

      • any idea where an mp3 can be gotten???

      • We hope that an MP3 will be released ASAP!

  2. Please tell me where can I buy your version of Ave Maria from the movie “Machete”. I really liked Ave Maria in this movie. I’d love to hear it yet

    • We’re hoping to have it available soon – we’ll post it on the blog when it’s ready!

      • I asked you a few months ago about Ave Maria. Sorry, I could not help because I am from Russia. But I and many people hope and want to hear the Ave Maria in your performance. I hope that this will happen.

      • Please check it out on YouTube.

  3. so what`s the news about song?can i get it someway?

    • We are trying our best to get our ‘Ave Maria’ released. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It may a good idea to petition Robert Rodriguez’s production company called Troublemaker Studios in Austin, Texas. Their number is (512) 334-7777.

  4. Hey Rylandgangel, a lot of people are searching in internet your version of “ave maria”. is not easy to call Robert Rodriguez.

    • We’ve had some success reaching Kelly Stein at Troublemaker Studios, (512) 334-7777. Perhaps you can call and ask if they are they releasing a soundtrack of the movie. If not, request an MP3 copy of the Ave Maria from the film’s soundtrack.

  5. Please can you tell me where I can Buy your version of Ave Maria from the machete church scene ? It is fantastic!!

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