Mozart’s “Apollo et Hyacinthus”

January 5, 2011

I’m honored to be part of the first collective effort of a group of young artists birthing a new opera company in the developing country of Panama, where fundraising for the arts – let alone opera –  is very difficult.  On February 1st and 3rd, I will be performing the role of Apollo in Mozart’s Apollo et Hyacinthus, to be performed in the Teatro Nacional de Panamá, located in the picturesque Old Quarter / Casco Antiguo of Panama City.

I’ll be working with the most wonderful team, which should make the production quite a bit of fun:  Our co-producer and set-designer is Kevin Simmons; our conductor is Samuel Robles; our orchestra is the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional José Artigas de Uruguay; and our stage director is Molly Feingold.  The theater is amazing and the sets will be beautiful.

Please keep your eyes open for more good things from this company!

One comment

  1. It was certainly lovely to work with you, Ryland. We all appreciate your musicianship, artistry, and human quality. Cheers!

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