Press Release: The Voice of an Angel at your Wedding?

May 6, 2011

New York, NY — May 6, 2011— Ryland Angel (www.RylandAngel.com) has been singing beautiful songs ever since he was a little boy in his church choir.  As an adult, his voice has matured into a “delicious sound … (which makes you) … imagine the songs of the heavenly cherubs who expressed similar enchantments,” according to Opera Magazine.  Using his angelic voice most recently for love songs, Ryland is offering one of his songs called “Beloved One” to all brides and grooms.  How could anyone not want music like that at their wedding? 

As the fourth of four brothers and one sister, Ryland was honored to write and sing a wedding song for his sister, who was the last in the family to get married.  Entitled, “Beloved One”, this song is a heart-felt tribute that can only be sung to that one special person who is meant to be in your life forever.  Ryland sings with such powerful emotion, that you can’t help being swept away into all the excitement of the unknown that marriage brings into your life.

A complimentary version of “Beloved One” is now being offered as an introduction to Ryland’s album called Paper Doll, soon to be released under the Cosmos Music Group label.  If you would like a copy of Ryland’s wedding song, please go to this download link.

For more information on Ryland Angel, please visit Ryland’s website at www.RylandAngel.com.

Press Contact:

Aruna Naomi Inalsingh

Ani Marketing Service
Tel. 917-553-3790

Email: aruna@AniMarketingService.com

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