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Recording at Drew University

August 29, 2011

I recently spent the day recording at the Drew Univeristy Concert Hall in Madison, NJ.  Had a great time – the acoustics were wonderful. Unfortunately, we had to evacuate because of the earthquake, but once we were able to get back in, we managed to complete the project. We recorded Solo Cantatas by Rosenmuller with the great alto Barbara Hollingshead and the wonderful ensemble ‘Artek‘ led by Gwen Toth. I also had wonderful surpirse when I was introduced to an old friend of mine, Trevor Weston, who is the  music chair at Drew!! Hilarious!!  Many thanks to Ellis Hilton for hosting us.


Sunday’s Interview on Premier Radio

August 14, 2011

I enjoyed speaking with Michael Cleere of Premier Radio UK on Sunday morning.  If you didn’t get to hear the program it will re-air on Sunday August 21st, on Premier Radio UK, at 6am, during the Worship at Home program with Michael Cleere.  Hope you can listen in!!


Sacred Seven ‘Chant’ featured on Premier Radio UK

August 8, 2011

I will be talking with Michael Cleere of Premier Radio UK  on Sunday, August 14th at 6am EDT.  Michael is the host  of “Worship at Home“, a program intended for those who cannot make it to church.  He brings his unique blend of wisdom and wit to the show, and you are guaranteed not to doze off.

We will be discussing Cosmos Music Group’s,  Sacred Seven’s “Chant” and playing a few tracks.  I would love if you could listen in.  If you can’t, the show will re-air on August 15th, on Premier Radio UK, at 6pm, during the Night Light program with Michael Cleere.

If you enjoy the music, there is a digital download availabe through iTunes here.


Join me tomorrow on the radio

August 7, 2011

On Monday, August 8th at 12pm EDT,  I will be speaking on Sounds from the Spires with Dr. Jennifer Pascual, Director of Music for St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City on SIRIUS XM 129.

Please join me if you are a subscriber to SIRUS XM 129.


Press Release: Sacred Seven’s Chant released by Cosmos Music Group

August 5, 2011

Sacred Seven’s “Chant” released by Cosmos Music Group


New York, NY — July 28, 2011– Cosmos music group ( has released Sacred Seven’s “Chant”, composed, arranged and performed by Ryland Angel and Emanuel Olsson. Inspired by Gregorian chant, the new album includes twelve meditative tracks, enhanced with lush orchestration and flourishes of electronica. Traditional chants like Te Deum and Magnificat are included, as well as original melodies written from traditional Latin texts.

According to Kent Gillstrom, one of the founding partners of Cosmos Music Group, “’Chant’ contains soothing music with broad appeal both to traditional listeners and to others who are seeking calm melodies for meditation and relaxation. It’s a nice complement to our wide range of musical offerings.”

 Opera Magazine describes Grammy-nominated Ryland Angel, co-founder of Sacred Seven, with a “voice, obviously angelic . . . clothed in a truly unique charm . . . which . . . gives a softly elegiac dimension to the melodic line.”  Ryland’s effortless vocals enhance the relaxing quality of the chants, and in collaboration with Emanuel Olsson, renowned Swedish writer/producer, they create music which is wonderfully fulfilling. 

 The full album and twelve individual tracks are available on digital services worldwide, including iTunes (, Amazon and Spotify.  To promote the release of “Chant”, Ryland will be introducing the album live on “Sounds from the Spires” airing on SIRIUS XM 129, Monday, August 8th at 12pm EDT and on “Worship at Home” airing on Premier UK Radio, Sunday August 14th at 11am GMT.   Additionally, Sacred Seven will present a series of meditation chant performances in New York City.

Press Contact:

Aruna Naomi Inalsingh

Ani Marketing Service

Tel. 917-553-3790


Speaking on “Sounds from the Spires” on SIRIUS

August 4, 2011

On Monday, August 8th at 12pm EDT,  I will be speaking with Dr. Jennifer Pascual, Director of Music for St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. on SIRIUS XM 129.

Jennifer has been the Director since 2003 and is the first woman to hold this position. Her weekly radio program,” Sounds from the Spires”, explores the world of the arts, especially music, as seen through the eyes of the church.  Jennifer has graciously asked to interview me and to play some of the music from Cosmos Music Group’s, Sacred Seven’s recently released album “Chant“.

If you miss the live interview, the program will be re-broadcast on August 13th at 1:00pm EDT.  Also, if you enjoy the music, there is a digital download available through iTunes here.