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Fish Number 2

December 27, 2011

Well, the extremely talented, Denis Carre did it again.  Look at this gorgeous picture he painted for me.  This is now the second fish picture of his that I have the privilege of owning.  Check it out –




Singing with the Trinity Choir & Baroque Orchestra

December 19, 2011

I absolutely love this time of the year and the wonderful music we get to perform.  Recently, I had the opportunity to sing, Handel’sMessiah” at Trinity Church with the Trinity Choir and Baroque Orchestra.  This piece was conducted by Julian Wachner and reviewed by Heidi Waleson of the “Wall Street Journal“.  Ms. Waleson had the following to say:

Take the alto aria “He was despised.” It can run 10 minutes or more, and feel endless its many repeats. But with subtle details, countertenor Ryland Angel and the Trinity violins, led by concertmaster Robert Mealy (who was key to the spirit of this performance), turned it into a nuanced picture of the Passion of Christ.”

And, “Part I began with a swinging overture and maintained sprightly tempi and bright colors throughout, befitting the optimism of its subject: the annunciation of the birth of Christ. “Oh thou that tellest” was a speedy, joyful exultation as Mr. Angel, the chorus, and the fierce violins threw themselves into its dancelike rhythms.”

You can read the article in its entirety, here.


On Air Broadcast – “An Angel-ic Concert”

December 9, 2011

I was in Austin in November, performing in a concert presented by KFMA.  The following is a snippet of what was published on KFMA’s website.  Also, if you would like to hear the concert, please check out their website, here.

KMFA broadcast a special presentation of “An Angel-ic Concert” with La Follia Austin Baroque and internationally celebrated countertenor Ryland Angel! … Immerse yourself in the rich voice of one of the finest countertenors working today, as he presents sumptuous Marian hymns from Italy and the Austrian Court, backed by the musicians of La Follia, directed by Keith Womer.”


Majestic ‘Messiah’ Inspirational

December 8, 2011

George Frederick Handel’s masterwork, The Messiah, has been a part of the  holiday season for as long as any of us can remember.  I had the honor of performing this great work, under the direction of Christopher Shepard, at the gorgeous Worcester’s Mechanics Hall.  As an added bonus we were joined by 100+ voices of The Worcester Chorus, accompanied by a full orchestra.  What an amazing opportunity.  Here is what the Worchester Telegram and Gazette had to say about the concert.

In another turn to original intention, Shepard decided to use (as was the custom in Handel’s time) a male counter-tenor for some of the “high parts” usually assigned in later performances to a lower-range female. Soloist Ryland Angel brought a bit more than the purity of tone associated with counter-tenors; he embraced a certain operatic flare to his excellent delivery.” 

 To read the entire article, click here.