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Performance with the Houston Chamber Choir

November 7, 2011

I was in Houston on Saturday, October 29th performing with the Houston Chamber Choir and their premiere of Giovanni Colonna’s Vespers.  What a great opportunity to sing some beautiful music!!

There was a free pre-concert lecture presented by Robert Simpson and Dr. Anne Schnoebelen at St. Philip Presbyterian.

It’s an incredible true story. A composition, created in 1694, languishes for centuries in the archives of Westminster Abbey and the Central Library of Zürich. Thanks to the enterprising editorial work of musicologist Pyrros Bamichas, Psalmi ad Vesperas (1694) by Italian composer Giovanni Paolo Colonna is now available to modern performers and will, in fact, receive its United States premiere by the Houston Chamber Choir under the direction of Robert Simpson. The Vespers was written in the last year of Colonna’s life for a grand festival at the Basilica of St. Petronio in Bologna. Colonna’s contemporaries called him “the Orpheus of our century,” and the very fact that copies of the Vespers traveled to England and Switzerland attests to its popularity.

Dr. Schnoebelen, the artistic advisor for this concert has spent her career studying Italian sacred music of the 17th century and she is recognized as the world’s foremost authority on the music of Colonna. She served as musical advisor to Robert Simpson in the Houston Chamber Choir’s performance of Messa a Nove Voci Concertata con Stromenti (Mass for Nine Concerted Voices with Instruments) by Colonna for the Choir’s 15th Anniversary Season finale,Venetian Vespers and continues her collaboration with the Choir on Psalmi ad Vesperas (1694).

Guest soloists for the evening include:
Melissa Givens, soprano
Kelli Shircliffe, soprano
Ryland Angel, counter-tenor
Eduardo Tercero, tenor
Matthew Trevino, bass

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