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Live webcast of “Tesla” today at 11am EST

January 14, 2015

Join us for a live webcast of “Tesla” on the Opera America website today (also archived later I think). I am playing the title role. Great writers Phil Kline and Jim Jarmusch. The show is slated to be produced by Robert Wilson. Just half hour of music and then Q and A so tune in on time!!


Greetings from Dartmouth, NH.

April 10, 2013

Last week, I performed the title role in a new opera called “Tesla in New York”, written by Jim Jarmusch and Phil Kline.  It is a really fascinating story of the mysterious turn-of-the-century genius who helped invent radio.  The in-progress concert version was presented at the Hopkins Center for the Arts in Hanover, NH.  Click here for more info!