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Winter Minifest

February 9, 2012

,ARTEK, Gwendolyn Toth, director presents:


His personal life was a scandal, yet his music was sublime. Come hear the music of Johann Rosenmüller that continued the glorious tradition of Gabrieli, Monteverdi, and Cavalli at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice.

February 10 & 11, 2012 St. Ignatius of Antioch Church 552 West End Avenue,  New York City

PART ONE: Friday, February 10 at 8 pm

Haunting and heartfelt solo cantatas and instrumental music by Rosenmüller, predecessor of Bach at Leipzig! Pre-concert lecture at 7 pm by Sara Ruhle Kyle, concert at 8 pm.

Performers: Barbara Hollinshead, mezzo-soprano; Ryland Angel, countertenor; Cynthia Freivogel, violin; Vita Wallace, violin; Theresa Salomon, viola; Marka Young, violin/viola; Motomi Igarashi, violone; Daniel Swenberg, theorbo; Gwendolyn Toth, director & organ

PART TWO: Saturday, February 11 at 8 pm

A large-scale event: festive and sublime 17th-century Vespers music in the grand Venetian style, as written for St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice! Singers, strings, cornetti, sacbuts, winds, and continuo, with guest artists from Piffaro, the Renaissance Band. Pre-concert lecture at 7pm by Susan Hellauer of Anonymous Four.

Performers: Laurie Heimes, soprano; Barbara Hollinshead, mezzo-soprano; Ryland Angel, countertenor; Drew Minter, countertenor; Philip Anderson, tenor; Michael Brown, tenor; Charles Weaver, baritone; Peter Becker, bass-baritone; Cynthia Freivogel, violin; Vita Wallace, violin; Theresa Salomon, viola; Marka Young, viola; Motomi Igarashi, violone;Michael Collver, cornetto; James Miller, cornetto; Michael Holmes, sacbut; Erik Schmalz, sacbut; Mack Ramsey, sacbut & cornetto; Joan Kimball, dulcian; Robert Wiemken, dulcian; Christa Patton, harp; Grant Herreid, theorbo; Daniel Swenberg, theorbo; Dongsok Shin, organ; Gwendolyn Toth, director & organ

TICKETS:  $40 regular/$20 rear seating. Students & seniors: $30 regular/$10 rear seating.

To purchase, call GEMS (212) 866-0468 or online at Visit for more information



strings, basso continuo, historical brass and winds. With members of Piffaro , The Renaissance Band.








































Johann Rosenmüller, though born in Germany, worked in Venice as one of the successors of Monteverdi. His vespers music is equally glorious to