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Sacred Seven ‘Chant’ featured on Premier Radio UK

August 8, 2011

I will be talking with Michael Cleere of Premier Radio UK  on Sunday, August 14th at 6am EDT.  Michael is the host  of “Worship at Home“, a program intended for those who cannot make it to church.  He brings his unique blend of wisdom and wit to the show, and you are guaranteed not to doze off.

We will be discussing Cosmos Music Group’s,  Sacred Seven’s “Chant” and playing a few tracks.  I would love if you could listen in.  If you can’t, the show will re-air on August 15th, on Premier Radio UK, at 6pm, during the Night Light program with Michael Cleere.

If you enjoy the music, there is a digital download availabe through iTunes here.


Speaking on “Sounds from the Spires” on SIRIUS

August 4, 2011

On Monday, August 8th at 12pm EDT,  I will be speaking with Dr. Jennifer Pascual, Director of Music for St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. on SIRIUS XM 129.

Jennifer has been the Director since 2003 and is the first woman to hold this position. Her weekly radio program,” Sounds from the Spires”, explores the world of the arts, especially music, as seen through the eyes of the church.  Jennifer has graciously asked to interview me and to play some of the music from Cosmos Music Group’s, Sacred Seven’s recently released album “Chant“.

If you miss the live interview, the program will be re-broadcast on August 13th at 1:00pm EDT.  Also, if you enjoy the music, there is a digital download available through iTunes here.


Cosmos Studios, Stockholm

December 16, 2010

Just found this photo of me and Emanuel Olsson at Cosmos Studios , Stockholm. We have created over 20 songs together with the help of Michael Murphy, Maria Christensen, and my Dad – Gervais Angel.   Emanuel and I also collaborated on the Sacred 7 project. Emanuel is the best!


Exciting times

March 5, 2010

Getting great feedback about the new Chant project for Sacred Seven.


Sacred Seven Art

February 18, 2010

It’s a glorious sunny day here in NYC!  I’m inspired because I met a very talented artist called Nicholas Freeman, who is going to paint as we Chant in our Sacred Seven performances.  The paintings from each show will be auctioned for charity.  I’ll post all the details on the upcoming website.


Winter Wonderland

February 10, 2010

It’s gorgeous in NY right now – you can barely see through the snow!  It’s inspiring me for my new Sacred Seven website.  I met with the designer/developer yesterday.  I think you’re going to really like what we’ve come up with!


Back in NYC

February 8, 2010

Had a wonderful time in Houston. Check out Lovely people and great concert/Vespers series.

Finishing off “sacred Seven” Chant album this week and putting together the live show.